IE6, the old horse that just won’t die by itself

A nice discussion is going on here in the Netherlands about Internet Explorer 6 and whether we as developers should keep supporting it, or start ignoring it. It all started when Google released a blogpost stating that they will start to phase out support for IE6 for their Google Apps environment. They feel that IE6 just is old, and it doesn’t support the nowadays technologies anymore. How more can I possibly agree on that?

Sure thing; IE6 is overdue, but can we ignore it?

In the Netherlands, we currently have two camps now: one that supports Google’s vision and will follow their lead, and one that is against boycotting IE6. While the arguments for the so called “pro” team are in line with Google’s arguments, and I truly support their wish to get rid of IE6 as soon as possible, I have to get in line with the “cons” team at this very moment. We cannot simply ignore IE6, just because we get sick and tired of having to recode all our websites and -applications. IE6 still has a market share of 13%, and especially in the B2B and B2G market, a lot of (really) big companies still have to work with IE6.

Who do you support?

I’ve written an article about this over at Searchcowboys. Feel free to read some more about this over there, or just leave your own opinion in the comments!

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