Get your gears on with the Quix Cheat Sheet

To start off with something I truly find a blessing: Quix. When it comes to online shortcut- and time-saving bookmarking products, the Quix app probably is the most sophisticated piece of art I’ve seen in the last few years. Save yourself the trouble of managing your favorite bookmarks and shortcuts across multiple browsers and operating systems, just install the Quix bookmarklet and see what it can do for you!

To get you started, I created a Quix Cheat Sheet with all the standard built-in commands on one paper.

Just to give you a few pro’s

  1. All your favorite places within one environment, and no need to remember them all
  2. No plugins you need to install, causing your browsers to slow down
  3. Just one bookmarklet, no fully loaded browser toolbars taking away your precious viewport
  4. Easy extendable with your own wishes
  5. Cross-browser and OS compatibility

You get it all preconfigured

The best part probably is that you get the Quix app preconfigured with shortcuts and websites you most often need as a online specialist. The only downside of new apps is that you have to learn to work with it, and with all those new commands that can be an obstruction for some of you.

Download the Quix Cheat Sheet

Although the standard commands are available at, I created an Quix Cheat Sheet with all standard build in commands on one paper. Just print it, laminate it (you don’t want coffee on it, right?) and keep it in sight. Start getting used to pressing [Ctrl-Q] and fire away your commands!

Happy Quixing!

Download the Quix Cheat Sheet here


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